Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just for Today

I said a special prayer that I might find happiness in this day, and not shed a single tear, I want to remember you as I see you in my mind-just for today.

As I go about my daily chores I want to honor your memory by being caught with a smile on my face-just for today.

When I first opened my eyes, I thought of you, just as I do every day, but this day I allowed joy in my heart-just for today.

I always bump into someone who asks me how the girls are doing, and my heart skips a beat, but I asked for the right words to fill my mouth-just for today.

At the market today, I bought leeks-why? I want to remember you cooking them for me for the first time-just for today.

There is always a reason, it may not be clear-but it is there. Today, I won't question it, I'll just go with the flow-just for today.

The music that is present I will hear and enjoy. I might even hum along-just for today.

The words that are pushing to get out, I will let rest upon the paper-just for today.

There doesn't have to be a special occasion to recall a memory, and it doesn't have to bring pain along with it. I will allow myself to feel your presence and enjoy each second you are near-just for today.

Smiling helps, I will let the smiles out-just for today.

You remind me of sunshine, I will let the sunshine in-just for today.

It doesn't help to be sad all the time, that is not how you lived-today I will live like you-with love in my heart, and happiness to share-just for today.

Why does it have to be-just for today?

I will pray for strength and courage to face my tomorrow, but I will keep you tucked inside my heart-just for today.

There is always a hand to reach out to, and a heart that needs healing. I will try to step outside my pain-just for today.

The birds in the air will carry my kisses all the way to heaven-just for today.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a dream-I will live in this moment-just for today.

I will see your face in the moonshine and giggle with you tonight in my sleep-just for today.

There may be only one wish left and I will always wish you peace, even in my sorrow, I am your mother and want what is best for you. I will embrace my blessings-just for today.

I will never doubt that Heaven exists and God is good-I will claim it out loud-just for today.

And I will remember to pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves-not just today, but every day.