Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Matters

Moore, Oklahoma needs our prayers. Many times in our life we come across an opportunity to make a difference. Do we exclaim-life matters, or LIFE matters?

We have been blessed beyond our own needs, our homes and lives haven't been turned upside down and inside out by this tragedy. Let's join in and show Moore that LIFE matters.

Most of us have felt pain, some of us have felt unbearable loss and some of us have not traveled that road in this life. None of it makes a difference, we can all come together and show support because LIFE matters.

Whether you physically clear debris from their path, or you pray for comfort and peace you are engaged in the lives of Moore, because LIFE matters.

The pain that fills our hearts is because we allow ourselves to feel for other human beings. We will not shut down or close our eyes to the needs of those less fortunate, because LIFE matters.

To know pain is to feel empathy and concern if you act on your feelings. It isn't enough to bow your head and commiserate that life is not fair and you know their pain-loss comes in many ways. Pray in faith for healing and repair. LIFE matters.

Outside our world is yet another world  that has been wracked and devastated. Lives and homes lost to a fierce storm, LIFE matters.

Generate power and strength, through our real source of energy and light, LIFE matters.

Respond to the needs of others and you will find healing of your own pain. When we touch the lives of others, we are stepping outside ourselves and meeting someone else's needs, why? Because LIFE matters.

From the tiniest of God's creatures to human kind, LIFE matters. 

Remember to thank God for His mercy and His love, that they may keep us close to Him and to each other because LIFE matters.

In all life's matters-LIFE matters.

Never cease praying, because through the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves-LIFE STILL MATTERS.