Sunday, May 12, 2013

Loving You

This day reminds me of my purpose in this world-to love. I believe we grow into many roles and must master the ability to love in each one. Some are more difficult than others. But one role that makes loving as free and easy as breathing-is being a mother.

That doesn't mean there isn't sadness and pain along the way, I didn't say raising a child was easy, but the loving part seemed effortless for the most part. You tried to test me on some occasions, you may have bested me on a few, but my love never wavered.

Though you may not have heard me say the words as often as I should, I love you. Purely and simply, and unconditionally. God has brought me to a place that only He can bring me to. A place of peace and comfort, and the knowledge that so much more awaits us.

It has taken me a long time and a lot of tears-some in defiance and some in awareness, of His presence, His promise and His love. That is why for mothers, loving is a natural emotion.. It flows from deep within our hearts. For me, I was overwhelmed at times and still am, with the strength and the fierceness of my maternal love. At other times, when I was lost within myself, the love was there but buried beneath my selfish desires to fulfill my own needs. Thank goodness, for God's immeasurable mercy and grace. I was lost and He found me, and when I was hiding, He was never far away. He knew my love for my children for He had given me my heart and knows its every beat.

Mothers everywhere go through trials, when to step in, when to let go-prayer is our steadfast friend. Faith makes the sleepless nights more bearable and the challenge of motherhood, a privilege and a blessing. We can lean on each other for comfort, but only God can give us peace.

So, on this day, when we honor Mothers, I remember the heartache and headaches I gave my own Mom, My treasured Maudie, and I say-thank you for your unconditional love, for your strength and your wisdom and for the times you didn't know if what you were doing was right, thank you for loving me anyway, in spite of my many flaws. Your love got me through the hardest of times for me. Our imperfect Motherly love, brings such comfort and joy, our children don't measure the imperfections, they remember the unexpected hug, and the quick forgiving kiss, and the moments that are carried and treasured deep within their hearts.

My mother taught me so much about loving, and my children continue to teach me, and my grandchildren are my treasured moments, that take my breath away and give me reason to remember-there is joy, even in the midst of grief. God is Good!

And I will continue to pray because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.