Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day

Here it is-May! The month of May flowers, right? Some days it feels like heartaches and tears, not sunshine and blossoms. But, there is always a but, isn't there? We have the power to change within us. It is focusing on the blessings and handing our sorrows to God. Allowing Him to help us work through the sorrowful days.

May can be a month that proves to be tough for some of us. It is my birth  month, and it is Mother's Day. There is every reason to celebrate the gift of Motherhood, it is a blessing denied many women. We were chosen to become mothers for a reason. It doesn't matter if it was for a day, a month, or a year-God chose us because He knew we would be the best Mother our child could have for his or her time on this earth. What a privilege! To know there are millions and millions of women and God chose me to be Shanny's mom-WOW! 

He entrusted His special child to me to birth, and raise and love for her time here on earth. When I look at her life this way, it helps me cope. How do you find comfort?

This is the month I think of Our Mother Mary. Her love for Jesus overwhelms me when I think of how she was chosen to be His mom, knowing all along, she would only have Him for a short while and He would go on to a much greater life. I wonder if she knew what He would endure and in turn what she would endure   as His mother, looked on as He suffered so. We know her pain as a mother, don't we? Know one can take on the pain of their child like a mother. I believe it is because we gave birth to our children. Their father suffers dearly, as well, but their is a special bond between mother and child. I believe adoptive parents form this bond, as well. For the adoptive parent, it isn't the actual act of giving birth-it is the bonding between the mother and the child. Wherever that bond exists, the love exists as well.

May is also a month of re-growth and blossoming natural gifts that come from the earth. Mother Nature treats us to a display of color and beauty this time of year that is hard to beat! Between the flowers and the buds on the trees, and the birds of the air-Mother Nature has it all covered. Sometimes, I find new colors I haven't seen in years past and I am thrilled year after year with the newness each new flower and bloom that springs forth.

Planting brings me peace. Getting deep in the dirt and feeling the richness of the soil soothes me. Shannon always planted in the garden this time of year and again in the Fall. The Dodson house always looks beautiful with its colorful and lush yard. It reminds me of Shanny! She came alive in her garden and I think the garden came alive for her!

So, if you are feeling sad-look up and see the face of God  in the blue sky. See Him smiling and know His love. Take a deep breath and feel the sunshine and the warmth. Take in the scents of His flower filled world and know the wondrous things we find here, are only minute compared to what awaits us in Heaven. Enjoy this world for what it is, and live for what is to come-eternal life where you spend Mother's Day with all your children once again.

And never stop praying-because we know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves and waits in joyful hope. Blessings!