Monday, May 27, 2013


This day is filled with memories, as it should be. Some beauty-filled and some painful-all worthy of remembrance. A trip through the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery will put today into perspective. Every marker is another hero. Whether I know their name or not-they earned our country's respect. Today, I bow my head in prayer for them. For their family and friends and for their life-given in trade for my freedom. The very freedom I am afforded to write this. God Bless America!

Today, my eyes turn toward heaven and its many inhabitants. Freedom has its price and our brave soldiers pay that price every day. This day-honor them with your actions, your words and your memories. Share a beautiful good morning with someone, shake a hand of a stranger and extend friendship, smile and chase away some one's pain. 

We have lost a child, maybe more than one baby has gone to heaven that God has called home-today the children of the battlefields need to be remembered for their strength, their courage and their honor. Let our flags cover the skies with red, white and blue memories. Say a prayer for the heavy hearted.

There is pain and there is glory, which do you claim for your country? Our hearts beat red blood and our eyes cry blue tears-let neither be spilled in vain. This day honor our many veterans by remembering what this  day means for them. It isn't just about the bar-b-ques, the horseshoes and the family picnics. It's about their dedication to the perseverance of our freedom, in the country we are blessed to call Home.

Thank you, soldiers and blessings for you and your family today and every day.

My heart is heavy but I am proud to be an American and I want to recognize our freedom, our courageous peace keepers and our hope for a brighter tomorrow.

And I will always pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves.