Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Love to all the Father's!
Such an important role in life to be chosen for. What an honor and responsibility. I cannot imagine how difficult some days it must be to be relied on to set the right example and give unconditional love.
After all, being human, when someone disappoints or hurts us-our reaction is usually to withhold love from them. At least, until they have learned a lesson or apologized for their actions. Am I right?

When tragedy occurs, as a father-where do you go for support? I pray you are finding peace and love from Your Heavenly Father. Sometimes, it takes getting weak-to be strong. We have to stop relying on ourselves and open our hands and fall into the arms of Our Father for His strength and courage to face our daily struggles and grief. There is no greater love than that of our Heavenly Father for His child. And we are all His children.

Being a mother who has grieved and continues to grow through it, I am blessed to know God's grace and continued blessings as I journey. I pray that all Fathers come to know their strength in asking the Father to look upon them with support on their journey, to give them strength and courage to meet their daily needs as they progress through the day's challenges and to bless them abundantly.

Asking for help is not always easy. Sometimes, I feel like I do not deserve the help and sometimes I feel like I do not need the help. Today, I pray for fathers to have discernment. To reach out in faith and to know that help and prayer is there for them when they need it. To know that a loving Heavenly Father knows their needs and will listen to their hearts when they cannot speak and to know that tears cleanse a wounded soul. Jesus knows pain and shares in theirs.

So, Mothers-today I ask that we set aside our grief and pray for the Fathers who are grieving a loss. Because tomorrow we celebrate all Fathers and their accomplishments, their love and their hard work. It is our chance to support them as they have supported us in our journey, on their special day of recognition. Let's do it with love.

As a grieving mother and and a hopeful mother, I will always pray, because I know the power of prayer as a mother grieves, and now, as a mother heals.

Blessings for a beautiful and memorable Father's Day!