Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just For Today

Open your heart to receive good thoughts from others. In the most difficult of times, I find that when I receive positive energy it helps me resist negative feelings. So, please try it, just for today.

Listen with your heart, instead of your ears. Your heart hears what is truly being said by others, without a lot of analyzing and assuming going on in your mind-give it a try, just for today.

Promise yourself a treat today-a long walk or a massage. Something that you really enjoy doing. Whether it is alone or in the company of others. If it is reading, read an extra hour and relax, if it is walking, take a different path and enjoy the new journey. Be gentle with yourself, just for today.

Answer the phone with a smile. It works. The person on the other end will respond with a smile in their voice-it's catching! Try it-just for today!

Tuck a favorite memory in your memory box today. Know that you have placed it safely there, and there it will stay. No matter how sad or frazzled you may become in the days ahead, you will always have that memory with you. Your past matters, in the right perspective, everything matters. Try it-just for today.

Say a little prayer today. For someone else. Reach outside yourself and your pain, and concentrate on someone else in need. Remembering others in our prayers can minimize our suffering-just for today.

Smile at a stranger today. Your smile might be the brightest part of their day. It might lead to making a new friend. Try it, just for today.

Offer a helping hand, throw some bird seed to a hungry bird, or hold a door for someone today. Small acts of kindness often lighten our hearts and brighten our days-reach out, just for today.

One day at a time, one small step, one word of praise-all leads to the next, and often encourages a response. How wonderful life can be when we share God's love-just for today.

Tomorrow is just a thought, yesterday is already a memory but today, well, today is an opportunity. We can make a difference in someone's life today. We can lift someone's spirits and bring someone hope. We can share the word of God and we can trust in His promise. Just for today.

And, of course, I will continue to pray-because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother heals.