Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Thing About Birds

I know you are probably thinking, why does she keep on posting about birds? Well, because birds can teach us a lot about ourselves. Just this morning, out on the patio-watching those little creatures I am again amazed at their tenacity.

Momma and Papa kept taking turns flying in and out of the house checking on their crew of babies nesting inside the 12 room wren house. One would poke their head out and fly off for food the other would come outside and either perch on the porch of the wren house (we have the deluxe model) or fly just to the tree which is not more than 10 feet from it, to watch over their next.

It just amazes me the care they take to feed their young and how synchronized they are with their mate. They don't squabble and fly off willy-nilly, they take turns leaving the nest to find food. When they return with what looks like a worm or what serves to be food for their young, they relieve the other parent bird, go feed their young, and the cycle reverses.

I was questioning myself. How in sync am I with my mate? Do I sometimes just leave in a huff? True, we don't have small children at home now, but that doesn't make it right. Communication seems to be key in every relationship. 

So, when I communicate with My Father, if I don't get my way or don't understand His way-do I turn my back and walk away and pout about it?  Or, do I do the right thing, and pray about it? I really need to ponder this question for a minute because I know me. I am not always adult-like in my response to not getting my way. I have a habit of shutting down, or closing myself off for a while.

Birds just do what they need to do. They take care of their young and raise them right. They see to their needs and provide for them. The momma and the papa bird work together to make sure those babies have a good start on life, and then they carefully get them ready to fly away from them. I find that incredible, what about you?

That's the thing about birds, they are doing what God has set out for them to do. I want to be like that, I just want to do what God wants of me. So, I will continue to pray, because I know the power of prayer and faith as a mother grieves and now, as a mother heals.