Thursday, November 28, 2013

Take A Minute

Right this very minute~ Stop what you are doing and take a minute to Thank God. Want a reason why? Turn around and open your eyes? Where are you, in your home or dwelling. What are you doing? Reading this message, and are you reasonably healthy? Do you generally have food on your table, clothes on your back?

Have you been blessed with work this past year? Do you have family and friends that love you?

What more do you need? Take a minute~ Please, and Thank God, without Him none of this would be possible.

Smell the turkey cooking? Hear the ruckus in the kitchen? Have you tasted His goodness? All the more reasons to be truly Thankful. We are so blessed!

Just the fact we can communicate through airwaves, amazes me. People I might not otherwise have the ability to talk with or chat with, are now involved in my life and I am thankful for the inventions and innovations that make that possible.

My dog sits at my feet and looks lovingly up at me. She gives nothing but love, and my cat snuggles me when I am sad. Animals are very instinctive and caring creatures. We can learn a lot from them, if we open our eyes, and hearts. I am thankful for my Sierra and Harley.

Truth is, I am thankful for most these days. I got up this morning and wasn't aching. I am able to function and move about and pray. It's indeed a beautiful day! Simple things I overlook some days, I need to be thankful for today and everyday. Some are less fortunate. 

When I am able, I need to give back and help out because over the years, people have been good to me. It is easy to forget when I am doing well, but when I call to mind some of the rougher days, I remember being hungry and worried about bills and raising my three girls. I remember the kindnesses people showed me. I am thankful for those kindnesses.

Today, is a bittersweet day for me. I miss my Angel, Shannon. She left this earth in February of 2011 and nothing will ever be the same. For the last couple of years, celebrating holidays really didn't enter my mind or my heart. I am feeling better and reaching out for help and getting it. Now, I can feel joy with my heart and not just my head again. I am thankful I had the wonderful blessing of my sweet daughter for 34 incredible years and I will see her again. Gobble, gobble said the turkey, Shanny!

So, please as you begin your busy day~ take a minute and reflect and be thankful! Blessings for a beautiful day of family and friends.